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Recipe – Italian beef braciole

The Italians are a marvellous bunch when it comes to making delicious food. They gave us pizza, mozzarella, gelato, biscotti, saltimbocca, risotto and this lush dish, Dear Reader, braciole (‘bra-jole’). The Italians have taken steak and made it better. Yes, made steak better, you heard. This is steak, stuffed with deliciousness and served upon the clouds of Heaven. Enjoy!

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Review – Cicchetti Covent Garden, WC2E 7BD

You may not know this, Dear Reader, but I’m quite a fan of Aldo Zilli, so when he followed me recently on Twitter I was delighted. To celebrate this great social media moment I decided to take myself and my lovely friend Lucy to Cicchetti Covent Garden, which is owned by the San Carlo Group which Mr Zilli consults for.

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Recipe – Mackerel kedgeree

Look outside. Is it miserable? Yes it is, because it’s currently tipping it down in London. What you need, Dear Reader, is a meal that’s super fast, warming and delicious so that you can get back to building an ark. Dear Reader, I have that meal, I give you my 20 minute mackerel kedgeree.

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Recipe – Chicken roulade

Are you a bit of a fancy pants, like me? Well, Dear Reader, I have the recipe for you. This chicken roulade is stuffed with salty halloumi, crunchy pine nuts and delicious basil and will definitely bring a smile to your face. It’s simple enough to cook during the week after work and also pretty enough to plate up with pride when the in-laws are over.

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Review – Café Boheme, W1D 5JQ

When in Soho, go where those in the know go to Café Boheme. The outdoor seats are always packed with well-heeled types drinking Aperol spritz and people watching, so you’d be wise to book a table. On a Friday night the restaurant is loud and bustling with efficient service from the chic black and white clad staff and the patrons are a mix of tourists who can’t believe their luck, the theatre crowd and of course, me.  Continue reading

Prawn and bacon tagliatelle

‘What shall I have for dinner!?’ goes the guttural cry released from the throats of those who have battled home through marauding hoards of equally weary travellers, desperate for respite and to shut the door on a day of briefings, budgets and meetings. Well, Dear Reader, buck up and grin. I have a treat in store for you, prawn and bacon tagliatelle! Protein rich prawns, hot chilli, humming garlic and everyone’s favourite friend, Mr Bacon, features in tonight’s meal from Casa Del G&J. Pop a cork and get cooking!

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Recipe – Magarina Bulli

My Turkish-Cypriot mate Ayse informed me about this dish, Magarina Bulli, which is popular throughout northern Cyprus and makes an easy Sunday lunch alternative, especially if you fancy something lighter and fresher but with all the flavour of a roast. Apparently you will be offered this dish as soon as you go to someone’s house!? Sounds good to me, Dear Reader. *waves at Turkish and Cypriot G&J fans* *books flights to northern Cyprus*

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Recipe – Chorizo and spinach tortilla

Potatoes, chorizo, eggs, spinach and creme fraiche.

These ingredients will rescue your evening.

One of the greatest things about Spain is being able to eat outside, enjoying the warmth and the buzzy atmosphere of tapas bars, restaurants, bars and people enjoying their lives. Imagine you’re sitting outside at 10pm, it’s 27 degrees, there’s a light breeze and you don’t have a care in the world, other than to enjoy your life.

Fast forward to the present and it’s a grey night outside, you have no respite of holiday in sight and you’re starving. You’ve messaged Mr G&J to say ‘I really fancy a takeaway’ TRANS: ‘Please for the love of all that is holy pick something up on the way home, I just want to be fed, drink wine and watch Vikings’. The response? ‘Takeaway!? You’re a food blogger now, get back in the kitchen, your website needs CONTENT!’

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Review – Nana Fanny’s Salt Beef, Broadway Market, E8 4PQ

Again this weekend London has been blessed with clear skies and 26 degree weather. Again, I am not hungover. Taking these two small miracles, Mr G&J and I skipped off to Broadway Market to sample Nana Fanny’s Salt Beef in the sunshine. If you haven’t been to Broadway Market, do go. There’s every sort of food stall that you could dream of and also clothing, homewares, fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat.  Continue reading

London Restaurant Review – Carnevale Whitecross Street

box of salad with tomatoes and hummus

This is the best salad you can put in your face AND there is hummus #Homerdrool

Midday. Throw yourself out into the steaming streets like every other ravenous office worker, licking your chops and slavering at the thought of a brief respite from the inanities of your colleagues and something delish to shove in your face. Walk past Pret, EAT, POD and all the rest and TREAT YO’SELF to Carnevale Whitecross Street.  Continue reading

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