Month: November 2015

Recipe – The Fruity Yorkshireman

Exciting times over here in the ginandjuicing kitchen Dear Reader, the charming people at Luxx PR notified me of a competition called The Very British Cocktail Competition which is being run by Heartsease Farm and Chase Spirits. Naturally, this had my name written all over it so I have set about creating a rather lush entry that I think you’ll all agree is a clear winner *crosses fingers*

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Recipe – Wonderful wedges for one

Dear Reader, I might be pointing out the obvious, but it’s cold. It’s windy, it’s miserable and it’s dark. I need a cheeky pick me up, so I made these, my wonderful wedges for one! These make a great cheeky snack for one person, but you can easily double or treble the recipe, depending on how many people you’re feeding (and if you don’t want to share, I won’t judge).

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Review – Five Guys, WC2N 6NA

Hello Dear Reader. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that when you peer cautiously out the other side of a two-day white wine hangover, the last thing you think about is ‘what a delightful drunken snack I consumed the other night’. Normally all you can feel is the bile of regret creeping up in your throat. However, I bring you good news. If ever you make the poor choice of drinking vats of Pinot Grigio with a Welsh person at Gordon’s, don’t go to the Charing Cross Maccy’s, instead stumble yourself into Five Guys for glorious burger and fries.

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