Month: January 2016

Recipe – Sherbet St Clements

I’m not doing Dry January. I could think of few things worse than facing the post-Christmas and New Year comedown sober. Add in to that freezing, grey weather and the prospect of returning to work? No, just no. I refuse. So, on that note, I give you the Sherbet St Clements!

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Review – The Enterprise, WC1R 4PN

Dear Reader, I have found my new favourite pub in London! Yes, it’s true! Let me share with you the wonder that is The Enterprise in Holburn and tell you all about the shots, the tapas and the beer garden, get excited!

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Review – GBK, E14 5NY

Hello Dear Reader! We’ve made it! We have conquered 2015 and left it eating our dust! Welcome to the wonder that is ginandjuicing in 2016! What better way to celebrate the new year than by shoving a burger in your face? No better way I say, so that’s why I took myself off to one of the originators of the London burger scene, GBK, which was set up by three Kiwi guys waaaay back in 2001.

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