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Recipe – Mexican spiced chicken thighs

A mid-week dinner of chicken thighs is hardly enough to make anyone sprint home in anticipatory delight. But, add a mix of spices, Greek yoghurt and black beans and watch your loved ones overtake Usain Bolt in their determination to get to the dinner table to eat these Mexican spiced chicken thighs.

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Recipe – BBQ pulled chicken

Dear Reader, the nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping. I am a summer person at heart and I love the beach, but autumn and winter do have two amazing things going for them:

  1. Comfort food.
  2. Clothes that hide the fact that you’ve been eating comfort food for six long, dark months.

To celebrate, I give you my BBQ pulled chicken, which is rich, tangy and astoundingly easy. Enjoy!

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Recipe – Chicken roulade

Are you a bit of a fancy pants, like me? Well, Dear Reader, I have the recipe for you. This chicken roulade is stuffed with salty halloumi, crunchy pine nuts and delicious basil and will definitely bring a smile to your face. It’s simple enough to cook during the week after work and also pretty enough to plate up with pride when the in-laws are over.

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Recipe – Magarina Bulli

My Turkish-Cypriot mate Ayse informed me about this dish, Magarina Bulli, which is popular throughout northern Cyprus and makes an easy Sunday lunch alternative, especially if you fancy something lighter and fresher but with all the flavour of a roast. Apparently you will be offered this dish as soon as you go to someone’s house!? Sounds good to me, Dear Reader. *waves at Turkish and Cypriot G&J fans* *books flights to northern Cyprus*

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