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Bengali Salmon Parcels

I found this excellent recipe for Bengali Salmon Parcels years ago on BBC Good Food. Sadly it’s no longer listed there, but this is the dish I make now from memory. This is a great way to use up salmon fillets that are languishing at the bottom of your freezer and it’s also quick enough to make during the week with minimal stress. 

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Recipe – Mackerel kedgeree

Look outside. Is it miserable? Yes it is, because it’s currently tipping it down in London. What you need, Dear Reader, is a meal that’s super fast, warming and delicious so that you can get back to building an ark. Dear Reader, I have that meal, I give you my 20 minute mackerel kedgeree.

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Prawn and bacon tagliatelle

‘What shall I have for dinner!?’ goes the guttural cry released from the throats of those who have battled home through marauding hoards of equally weary travellers, desperate for respite and to shut the door on a day of briefings, budgets and meetings. Well, Dear Reader, buck up and grin. I have a treat in store for you, prawn and bacon tagliatelle! Protein rich prawns, hot chilli, humming garlic and everyone’s favourite friend, Mr Bacon, features in tonight’s meal from Casa Del G&J. Pop a cork and get cooking!

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Recipe – Smoked salmon tagliatelle

We’ve all been there, bounding home from work to see our Significant Other, excited to share a meal, discuss the day’s events, analyse the growth of the chilli plants on the balcony and generally do the things that people who share their lives together do. But then your phone goes and your SO says, ‘Sorry hun, not in for dinner tonight. James from the agency is taking me for a mega wank free nosh up at Gaucho’. So that’s when we make smoked salmon tagliatelle. Continue reading

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