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Recipe – Prosecco Kir Royale

The New Year is drawing to a close and (thankfully) we will soon be leaving 2016 far behind us. To welcome 2017 it’s only right that we should greet the New Year with a glass of something special in our hands and so I present to you the Prosecco Kir Royale made with Tesco’s Finest Prosecco, possibly the easiest sparkling cocktail there is.

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Recipe – Sparkling Sloe Gin Fizz

There are few things that I love more in this life than gin. I love gin so much I named my blog in its honour. No other booze matches its savoury, spicy, mysterious flavour, no other spirit matches its mix of botanicals and the rich tapestry of lands they originate from. So I am delighted to present to you my new Christmas cocktail, the Sparkling Sloe Gin Fizz!

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Recipe – Rudolph’s Red Nose Cocktail

Hello dear Readers! ‘Tis the season to be merry and as you know, nothing makes me merrier than a tasty cocktail! This cocktail is great for Christmas entertaining, I call it the Rudolph’s Red Nose Cocktail! Do you have a special someone you’d like to meet under the mistletoe? Or are you having a cheery bundle of friends and family over to yours? Well, pay close heed, this is the cocktail for you!

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Recipe – The Raspberry Pitchfork

Dear Reader, Valentine’s Day is upon us again, a day bemoaned by some singletons and also by some couples. At worst, it can be a tacky day, punctuated by plastic roses and overpriced ‘romantic’ menus at sub-standard restaurants. In the world of ginandjuicing we don’t settle for that kind of nonsense. Stay in with your Valentine’s date instead, make a lush meal at home (this one would do you well) and make this fantastic cocktail, The Raspberry Pitchfork.
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Recipe – The Fruity Yorkshireman

Exciting times over here in the ginandjuicing kitchen Dear Reader, the charming people at Luxx PR notified me of a competition called The Very British Cocktail Competition which is being run by Heartsease Farm and Chase Spirits. Naturally, this had my name written all over it so I have set about creating a rather lush entry that I think you’ll all agree is a clear winner *crosses fingers*

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Cocktail – The Merry Death

I’m not ready to let go of summer, are you Dear Reader? Let’s toast the dying rays of sun, cardigan clad, with this fresh cocktail that contains the greatest liquor known to man, gin. It’s married with cucumber, mint, lemon and ginger beer and a hint of tomorrow’s hangover to make The Merry Death cocktail.

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