box of salad with tomatoes and hummus

This is the best salad you can put in your face AND there is hummus #Homerdrool

Midday. Throw yourself out into the steaming streets like every other ravenous office worker, licking your chops and slavering at the thought of a brief respite from the inanities of your colleagues and something delish to shove in your face. Walk past Pret, EAT, POD and all the rest and TREAT YO’SELF to Carnevale Whitecross Street. 

Get down to Carnevale on Whitecross Street, or more specifically to the food stall they have outside the restaurant selling fresh salad and falafel wraps.

massive fresh salad with hummus

Behold the surprises this multi-layer salad contains. Tell your mum.

The best bits are the pick-your-own-ingredients salads and the cheeky smiles from the Turkish chaps who run the show. The falafels are epic and come in one size, BOSH. This is cheap, cheerful and infinitely good for your arteries and your wallet.

Large salad – £5.00, hummus 50p, vine leaves 50p.

Falafel with baba ganoush/hummus – £4.50.

Al desko = DONE with Carnevale Whitecross Street.