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Recipe – bacon and halloumi breakfast ciabatta

Hello and Happy Easter Dear Reader! I just wanted to share my glorious brunch with you, this delish bacon and halloumi breakfast ciabatta, topped with red onion. I think calling it a recipe is slightly over-egging it (Easter lolz there for you), as it’s more cooking and assembly. Still, this is a combination definitely worth trying.

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Recipe – The Raspberry Pitchfork

Dear Reader, Valentine’s Day is upon us again, a day bemoaned by some singletons and also by some couples. At worst, it can be a tacky day, punctuated by plastic roses and overpriced ‘romantic’ menus at sub-standard restaurants. In the world of ginandjuicing we don’t settle for that kind of nonsense. Stay in with your Valentine’s date instead, make a lush meal at home (this one would do you well) and make this fantastic cocktail, The Raspberry Pitchfork.
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Recipe – Sherbet St Clements

I’m not doing Dry January. I could think of few things worse than facing the post-Christmas and New Year comedown sober. Add in to that freezing, grey weather and the prospect of returning to work? No, just no. I refuse. So, on that note, I give you the Sherbet St Clements!

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Recipe – The Fruity Yorkshireman

Exciting times over here in the ginandjuicing kitchen Dear Reader, the charming people at Luxx PR notified me of a competition called The Very British Cocktail Competition which is being run by Heartsease Farm and Chase Spirits. Naturally, this had my name written all over it so I have set about creating a rather lush entry that I think you’ll all agree is a clear winner *crosses fingers*

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Recipe – Wonderful wedges for one

Dear Reader, I might be pointing out the obvious, but it’s cold. It’s windy, it’s miserable and it’s dark. I need a cheeky pick me up, so I made these, my wonderful wedges for one! These make a great cheeky snack for one person, but you can easily double or treble the recipe, depending on how many people you’re feeding (and if you don’t want to share, I won’t judge).

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Recipe – Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese gets a lot of flack in the culinary world. It’s presented on menus as a safe choice, a beacon of watered down blandness for those with underdeveloped palates. It’s often made so badly, a lump of grey mince chucked together with watery tinned tomatoes, served on overcooked pasta with a cursory dusting of dry, pre-grated parmesan. No wonder bolognese is the ginger step-child of Italian food. But it doesn’t have to be like this! No, bolognese can be marvelous, meaty and bold, full of deep flavours and worthy of presenting to friends and family for dinner.

So, Dear Reader, I give you my version of Spaghetti Bolognese. Enjoy!

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Recipe – BBQ pulled chicken

Dear Reader, the nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping. I am a summer person at heart and I love the beach, but autumn and winter do have two amazing things going for them:

  1. Comfort food.
  2. Clothes that hide the fact that you’ve been eating comfort food for six long, dark months.

To celebrate, I give you my BBQ pulled chicken, which is rich, tangy and astoundingly easy. Enjoy!

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Recipe – Pork sausage rolls

Winter is closing in, Dear Reader and our thoughts start to turn of long, dark days, winter woolies, red wine and comfort food. One of the favourite comfort foods in Casa Del G&J is a sausage roll. Not the type you consume on a garage forecourt, but the type you make at home for a cosy dinner. Here, I give you my recipe for the best ever pork sausage rolls, enjoy!

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Recipe – Onion and beef rissoles  

How do you celebrate a leadership spill in Australia, Dear Reader? Well, even though I am in London I have decided to wave a happy, happy farewell to the Prime Minister who I believe brought shame to my homeland. Oh, I’m getting all political and this is a food blog! Seeing as Tony loved nomming on onions so much, this is my recipe to celebrate his end of office, onion and beef rissoles!

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Cocktail – The Merry Death

I’m not ready to let go of summer, are you Dear Reader? Let’s toast the dying rays of sun, cardigan clad, with this fresh cocktail that contains the greatest liquor known to man, gin. It’s married with cucumber, mint, lemon and ginger beer and a hint of tomorrow’s hangover to make The Merry Death cocktail.

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