I’m not doing Dry January. I could think of few things worse than facing the post-Christmas and New Year comedown sober. Add in to that freezing, grey weather and the prospect of returning to work? No, just no. I refuse. So, on that note, I give you the Sherbet St Clements!

Close up of the vodka, lemon, lemon sorbet and St Clements pressé

Four ingredients to take you to zingy heaven!

Fancy a little gulp of citrus sunshine? Course you do! This is a cheeky little drink that matches perfectly with brunch and will be excellent in the warmer months with a BBQ. I’ve used the delicious Heartsease Farms St Clements pressé as the base, to make the most of the orange, zingy citrus. Coupled with lemon sorbet and freshly squeezed lemon, you have a tangy, foamy little treat!

Shot of all the ingredients and the glass

Ready, steady, sherbet!


Shot of the marmalade vodka and lemon mixed in the glass.

Lemon and marmalade vodka, mixed!


Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into your serving glass and mix well with the Marmalade vodka. Add the scoop of the lemon sorbet into your vodka/lemon mix and agitate so it becomes foamy. Top with the St Clements Pressé and some freshly picked mint leaves and there you have it!

Birds-eye view shot of the sorbet mixed with the lemon and vodka.

Make your sorbet foam!

Shot of the finished product with mint garnish

Done! Isn’t it glorious?

Oranges and lemons say the bells of St Clements! Bottoms up!


Another shot of the finished drink.

Mmmm, delightful!