Hello, I’m Mystic Meg and I’m peering into my crystal ball and predicting what the food trends for 2019 will be! These are my educated guesses based on economic drivers (like Brexit, changes to trade regulations and the impact on the food industry) and also social impacts, particularly in points 4 to 6, where people will turn to comfort food during times of increased political uncertainty. Read on and see what surprises I predict are in store!

Indonesian food – If you’re active on Instagram then you’ll know that one of the key foodie shots to get this year was the ‘noodle pull’ (do you even lift, bro?), preferably from a bowl on Dandan or Xi’an noodles. This trend shows no sign of stopping and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Balinese food, especially their noodles like Mi Goreng and Bakmi will become huge and take their place next to ramen. What am I basing this on? Basically every other region of Asia has had a massive noodle trend and Europeans and Americans have now discovered Bali as a holiday destination, so now they will know what Australian’s always have, that Indonesian food is banging. 

British sparkling wine – As Brexit starts to change the wine industry and increases uncertainty generally over trade, we will see that British sparkling wine takes over during the summer months. To back this up is the announcement from Tim Martin, Chair of J.D. Wetherspoon, that they will replace champagne with British wines instead. Keep an eye out for Chapel Down, Greyfriars and other amazing British producers in the booze aisles. 

Three of the four wonderful wines from Greyfriars Vineyard
The fabulous line up from Greyfrairs Vineyard

Real cider – I’m not talking about fizzy, sugary, fruit flavoured stuff. I’m pointing directly at Bignose & Beardy to lead the way with proper British cider than can be enjoyed like wine. Bignose & Beardy produce proper, natural cider using freshly picked apples and you can taste the seasons! Each vintage is different to the next due to climatic influences, just like wine, how cool is that? Also, they’re British and in Britain we’re going to start to have to pay attention to our own producers after 29 March, because, you know. Brexit and that.

Bignose & Beardy, leading the way for the resurgence of proper British cider in 2019
Bignose & Beardy, leading the way for the resurgence of proper British cider in 2019

Mac and cheese – I predict that 2019 will be a cheesy, carby year for us all as we embrace mac and cheese. As you know, I am a huge fan of mac and cheese (my recipe is here) and I think the rest of the UK will start to wake up to how good, how gourmet and how versatile mac and cheese is. Gone are the days of Kraft boxed mac, and instead welcome The Mac Factory, who are pioneering the mac movement in London (they’re excellent BTW, please do go and check them out in Oxford Street and Camden Markets). 

The Lobster Boy mac and cheese at The Mac Factory London
Look at all that buttery, delicious lobster in the Lobster Boy mac and cheese!

Gourmet sausage rolls – Scotch eggs have had a big of a moment in 2018, so I think the logical next step with be gourmet sausage rolls with a variety of fillings. They’re the ultimate snack; they’re portable, they have a balance of fat protein and carbs (maybe sometimes too heavy on the fat but never mind) and you can create vegan and veggie versions too. Check out this recipe for an easy how-to. Watch this space, it’s about to be filled by a sausage roll. 

Cupcakes are over, cookies are King – Yes, cupcakes piled high with frosting can GTFO, all hail cookies in all their gourmet shapes and sizes! I’ve noticed a microtrend in London, starting with A Pie Party (delicious sweet treats at various food markets around London), and their fat cookies with a variety of seasonal flavours. I think this is going to mad and everyone will jump on the bandwagon with huge, gooey cookies popping up all over your Insta feed. 

Foraging – Back to basics! I think people will start turning back to nature in 2019 and embrace some of the old traditions to grace their plates with foraging being key to this. Expect to see hyper-local dishes on menus with herbs and flowers gathered within a 1 mile radius of restaurants and hearing that your mates spent the best part of Saturday on a roadside picking blackberries.

Tell me, what do you think of my predictions? Leave a comment down below and share this post with your mates and start a conversation! 


Tiffany from G&J xx