Are you searching for a lush, flavoured gin that makes for good summer drinking? Are you a fan of pink gins? Well, read on and let me tell you about Sikkim Fraise gin from Spain (and you can check out my YouTube review!)

First impressions

Sikkim Fraise gin is a pink, strawberry flavoured gin produced in Spain. It comes in an Instagram-worthy girly pink bottle that will look fabulous on display and retails for around about £40. Alcohol volume is 40%, which makes it on the stronger side of most gins. Sikkim Fraise gin is one of three gins that Sikkim produces, the other two being Sikkim Privé (a premium London dry gin) and Sikkim Bilberry (a floral, fruity gin).

Tasting notes

Am I running through a strawberry patch? Am I? No? You sure? The smell of strawberries when you open the bottle is DIVINE. It’s a very natural smell, which makes me think that real strawberries are used to produce this scent and flavour, as opposed to synthetics. The price point would also indicate this, so while Sikkim Fraise gin is an investment, it’s also worth it for what you get in terms of quality. Overall, this is a well-balanced strawberry gin that leans to the sweet side, however it’s not overpowering and makes a great summer gin. All Sikkim gins contain their signature red tea ingredient, which is sourced from Tibet (fancy) and lends a unique silky depth to the flavour.

Bottoms up

Sikkim Fraise gin works well when served simply so you can enjoy the beautiful colour and aroma. The colour of Sikkim Fraise gin is truly something to behold, it’s a luminous, luscious pale pink and just so beautiful. I would recommend serving this gin with a simple, Spanish style tonic, Fevertree Naturally Light Tonic Water or Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic Water, over a lot of ice and garnished with frozen strawberry chunks and mint.

Final thoughts

I absolutely bloody love this gin, it’s so pretty to look at and it’s a delight to drink. You would be extremely popular if you poured this out for friends or family and it would also make an excellent gift *hint hint*. Want to know more? Check out my YouTube review for more details!


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