When in Soho, go where those in the know go to Café Boheme. The outdoor seats are always packed with well-heeled types drinking Aperol spritz and people watching, so you’d be wise to book a table. On a Friday night the restaurant is loud and bustling with efficient service from the chic black and white clad staff and the patrons are a mix of tourists who can’t believe their luck, the theatre crowd and of course, me. 

I started with the salmon rillettes, which were well balanced with lots of tangy dill, but the presentation was a bit lacking; it was served spooned directly on the plate as opposed to quenelles, which is what I would have expected, but then I am a picky bugger. My dining partner went with the endive, walnut and Roquefort salad, which was packed with an excellent balance of fresh, bitter endive and rich rivers of blue cheese.

We both had the rib eye with béarnaise sauce and frites for the main, which was heavenly. It was cooked perfectly medium rare, the béarnaise was rich and set all the pleasure neurons firing and the frites were sublime. Top it off with an excellent bottle of Syrah and we were wallowing in self-congratulation at our excellent choices.

How much did it cost, Tiffany? Well, Dear Reader, two starters, two mains, a bottle of wine and a bottle of water came to £83, which I don’t think was bad at all as it was all very good quality.

Café Boheme, book a table and regrette rien.