Hey G&J friends, fancy some finger lickin’ fried chicken? ‘Course you do, fried chicken is the biggest thing on the London food scene since the Great Gourmet Burger War started in 2011. As you’re aware, I’m a pretty big fan of Milkmade’s fried bird and also Absurd Bird and their fried chicken bao buns, but what of the stalwart of the scene, sat in a hipster’s paradise, Clutch?

Clutch is located on the edge of a housing estate in a building that looks like it was once a flat-roofed pub (and you know what they say about those…). It’s screamingly yellow so you can’t possibly miss it and sits incongruously on a residential street. Once inside it is literally a square room with long communal dining tables. The service is friendly (lovely Irish waitress) and prompt. What of the food? Mr G&J and I shared the soy and garlic chicken tenders and the spicy buttermilk legs and thighs. We rounded this off with the twice fried fries, red pepper chilli chutney and truffle aioli.

The spicy buttermilk wings and thighs, all crispy and delicious topped with shredded spring onion.

Spicy buttermilk wings and thighs; a delicious (and enduring) treat.

How was it? Well Mr G&J was in actual paroxysms of joy over the soy and garlic chicken tenders. I have never seen that man so happy. And they were good too, sticky, rich with a balance of sweet, chilli and umami. The chicken was pristine and juicy inside the dark and lovely sauce. Brilliant. The spicy buttermilk was also a winner, crunchy with a slight kick of pepper and with a lingering finish of waffles on the palate. Nice. Not so nice was being able to taste it hours after the meal ended. Boo hoo face, not sure what happened there, the oil needed changing perhaps? The sauces were a delight; the red pepper chilli chutney doing exactly what it said on the tin and the truffle aioli all silky and smooth. The twice fried fries? Not so great, quite greasy and anemic. I think next time I’ll go for the Korean fried cauliflower.

Clutch, go visit and enjoy (perhaps take a packet of Rennie).

Meal for two (2 x mains, 2 x sauces, 1 x fries, 1 x beer, 1 x soft drink) = £40.00.