Christmas invokes visions of cosy blazing fires, sparkling lights on Christmas trees, turkey, mince pies and bold reds and ports to be drunk copiously with meats, cheeses and pastries. But, what about a fish course? What about a wine match for a vegetarian Christmas main course? A wine that is lighter, crisper, with pleasant acid that complements white meats, fish and vegetable courses without overpowering them. Well, let me introduce you to Tesco’s Finest Sancerre 2015 so you can go and stock up!

It pains me to admit this but a fair few of my friends are not fans of red wine at all. Not a grape, not a vintage, nothing. Not Merlot, not Shiraz, not Malbec, nothing. Personally I think that’s a terrible way to only half live, never knowing the joy of a smooth Argentinean Malbec (or even the horror of a Bulgarian Merlot), but there is no changing their minds. So, when it comes to Christmas and catering for a crowd, I have found an excellent white wine in Tesco’s Finest Sancerre.

The good people at Tesco have sent me a bottle of their Tesco’s Finest Sancerre 2015, which is produced from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. This Sancerre is pleasantly crisp on the mouth and full of minerals with a long smooth semi-dry finish. It’s a pale straw yellow in colour with a nose of gooseberries and hay. As this wine is so refined and well balanced it would make an excellent pairing with turkey, goose or chicken and will provide an excellent counterpoint to gravy, roast potatoes and pigs in blankets by balancing out their richness.

Another fabulous match for this Sancerre is with vegetarian Christmas main meals. At this time of year we tend to forget the vegetarians amongst us who I’m sure would like a wine that matches well with a Christmas vegetarian main, for example, a vegetable Wellington with goats cheese or a baked and filled butternut squash. Well, in this Sancerre you have a wine that matches very well with lighter meats, fish and vegetarian main courses, so everyone at your table will be happy.

Equally, this Sancerre would work well with nibbles and canapés when guests arrive at Christmas as its balanced palate makes it an equally excellent quaffing wine.

Tesco’s Finest Sancerre is produced in the Loire Valley in France and this wine in particular is produced and sourced directly from the Fournier family. This Sancerre is currently available for £12.00 a bottle or £72.00 for a case, which is rather fabulous value for Loire Valley wine. I suggest you get buying at stock up in time for Christmas!

With thanks to the good people at Tesco for sending me their fabulous Tesco’s Finest Sancerre 2015!

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Tiffany from G&J xx