Are you slightly dusty this morning, Dear Reader? Faint taste of regret in your mouth? Or are you bright and breezy? Either way, come to Tina We Salute You, she’ll put a smile on your dial.

Tina has definitely brought the Dalston hipster vibe to the Far East (by that I mean East Village, obvs). Tina We Salute You gets its name from the mass-market 60s prints of J.H. Lynch and the salty, voluptuous broad he painted, Tina.

Shot of the mysterious Tina

Oh hai, just leaning casually against a tree here…

Tina’s vibe in East Village is laid back and packed, yet not chaotically busy. There’s an array of people with MacBooks (says the author, as she writes this on her Air), parents with kids, people meeting for brunch and MJ playing in the background. The building itself is light and airy, surrounded by the greenery of the former Olympic Village site. If you’re a bit dusty or trying to suppress The Fear, Tina will calm you and set everything right in your world, especially if you order the excellent scrambled eggs and bacon on sourdough.

The menu has expanded since their opening in EV, they now serve burgers after 5pm and there’s also cocktails and booze on offer. The staff are also delightfully friendly and chipper, so get yourself off the sofa and get yourself down to Tina’s, you wont regret it.