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Review – Tomtom Mess Hall, SW1W 9QD

Tomtom Mess Hall. Sounds cute, doesn’t it? It sounds like a little feasting venue, pleasantly buzzy and fit for a quick bite during a busy lunch hour. And it is, sort of.

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Review – Hotbox, E1 6LT

If I said smoked pork belly, bottomless brunch, imported Hawaiian beer and perfectly poached eggs, your ears would perk up, wouldn’t they? Well read on for my review of Hotbox…

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Review – Tina We Salute You, E20 1FT

Are you slightly dusty this morning, Dear Reader? Faint taste of regret in your mouth? Or are you bright and breezy? Either way, come to Tina We Salute You, she’ll put a smile on your dial.

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Review – The Enterprise, WC1R 4PN

Dear Reader, I have found my new favourite pub in London! Yes, it’s true! Let me share with you the wonder that is The Enterprise in Holburn and tell you all about the shots, the tapas and the beer garden, get excited!

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Review – GBK, E14 5NY

Hello Dear Reader! We’ve made it! We have conquered 2015 and left it eating our dust! Welcome to the wonder that is ginandjuicing in 2016! What better way to celebrate the new year than by shoving a burger in your face? No better way I say, so that’s why I took myself off to one of the originators of the London burger scene, GBK, which was set up by three Kiwi guys waaaay back in 2001.

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Review – Five Guys, WC2N 6NA

Hello Dear Reader. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that when you peer cautiously out the other side of a two-day white wine hangover, the last thing you think about is ‘what a delightful drunken snack I consumed the other night’. Normally all you can feel is the bile of regret creeping up in your throat. However, I bring you good news. If ever you make the poor choice of drinking vats of Pinot Grigio with a Welsh person at Gordon’s, don’t go to the Charing Cross Maccy’s, instead stumble yourself into Five Guys for glorious burger and fries.

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Review – Cicchetti Covent Garden, WC2E 7BD

You may not know this, Dear Reader, but I’m quite a fan of Aldo Zilli, so when he followed me recently on Twitter I was delighted. To celebrate this great social media moment I decided to take myself and my lovely friend Lucy to Cicchetti Covent Garden, which is owned by the San Carlo Group which Mr Zilli consults for.

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Review – Café Boheme, W1D 5JQ

When in Soho, go where those in the know go to Café Boheme. The outdoor seats are always packed with well-heeled types drinking Aperol spritz and people watching, so you’d be wise to book a table. On a Friday night the restaurant is loud and bustling with efficient service from the chic black and white clad staff and the patrons are a mix of tourists who can’t believe their luck, the theatre crowd and of course, me.  Continue reading

Review – Nana Fanny’s Salt Beef, Broadway Market, E8 4PQ

Again this weekend London has been blessed with clear skies and 26 degree weather. Again, I am not hungover. Taking these two small miracles, Mr G&J and I skipped off to Broadway Market to sample Nana Fanny’s Salt Beef in the sunshine. If you haven’t been to Broadway Market, do go. There’s every sort of food stall that you could dream of and also clothing, homewares, fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat.  Continue reading

London Restaurant Review – Carnevale Whitecross Street

box of salad with tomatoes and hummus

This is the best salad you can put in your face AND there is hummus #Homerdrool

Midday. Throw yourself out into the steaming streets like every other ravenous office worker, licking your chops and slavering at the thought of a brief respite from the inanities of your colleagues and something delish to shove in your face. Walk past Pret, EAT, POD and all the rest and TREAT YO’SELF to Carnevale Whitecross Street.  Continue reading

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